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Websites of customers and bands that I just like. There should be more here, I just haven’t had the time. If you have an electronic music project and would like a link here, let me know! Send project and music details to flight via the contact page.


Synth & Synth D.I.Y.

  • Deviant Synth
  • A must-see. Iconoclastic and irreverent! Remember, Nothing is Sacred! Perfection just means you’ve run out of ideas! This is a place for experimenters to post about new and different synth designs.
  • MatrixSynth
  • One of the rare folk, an archiver. Matrix is the best source for anything synth-related. Page updated daily (he tries to put up at least 5 posts per day.)
  • Music From Outer Space
  • Ray Wilson, A.K.A “ADD boy”: quite possibly the current defacto SDIY guru. If you’re just getting started in synth DIY, check out his WSG or “Weird Sound Generator”, and his various ‘getting started’ info pages. That’s just the beginning, he has plenty of information and designs to keep you going for a long time.

General electronics

  • Technology Systems
  • Excellent resource for electronics information, both general and archaic. Mostly freeware/expired copyright material – books, software (circuit calculators, PC oscilloscope, EDA), schematics, projects, kits, heathkit resources, etc.

Components, parts



Component Identification

Data Sheets

These first two are the best ones I have found.


  • This to That – Frikkin’ awesome, a site about how to glue “this” to “that”.

I’ll fill in more later

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