Discontinued Products:

Assembled Units:
The following are assembled modules or devices that have been discontinued. Their webpages are maintained for posterity and contain the latest documentation.
Barebones Packs:
Flight of Harmony has discontinued the production of ‘Barebones Packs’ across the existing product line. The following ‘Packs are affected and the relevant documentation is provided for them.
Choices v2.0 Connection Detailsv1.1 Connection DetailsJoystick Template
Plague Bearer r4.0 Guider3.3 Guider3.2 Guider2.2 Guide
POWER v1 Guide
Sound of Shadows Connection PointsPanel Connections
V’Amp v1 Guide
Some of the Barebones Packs utilize AMP Inc. MTA-style connectors. This instructional sheet was created by AMP Inc. and explains the functionality of the connectors and how ensure you’ve made a proper connection.

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