What is the 1-6-13?

The 1-6-13 is a direct replacement for the Doepfer A-100 bus. It includes 13 shrouded 16-pin headers and is only 10.2″ long.
1-6-13 PSU Distribution Board

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  • Complementary over-current and reverse-voltage protection: the left and right halves of the 1-6-13 are independently protected with Polyfuses (±12V @ 1.1A, +5V @ 0.5A). The PSU connectors are unprotected, so downstream boards are unaffected
  • Three sets of indicator LEDs to indicate status of: left side, right side, PSU input.
  • Dual PSU Input connectors, mounted in the middle of the board for proper “star” distribution scheme.
  • The seventh header configured to accept 5×5 plug-in adapter module.(illustrated below)

1-6-13 with 5x5 Module

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