5x5 Module Image

What is the 5×5?

The 5×5 is a plug-in module that functions as a +5V converter, similar in concept to the Doepfer A100 AD5 but greatly improved.

  • Supplies up to 500mA of +5VDC voltage from the +12V rail.
  • Pass-through design so the header it is placed on can still be used for a module.
  • Narrow enough to fit between any set of headers, anywhere on the standard Doepfer-spaced boards.
  • The 5×5 was also designed in conjunction with the 1-6-13 for use on the seventh header – allowing the system to feature the +5VDC generated with the 5×5 as well as 13 unobstructed headers (image below).
Mechanical drawing of the 1-6-13 with 5x5 adapter

Click preview image for a full-size rendering.

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