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Downloads: Power v1 ‘Module’ Manual
Power v1 ‘Bare-Bones’ Manual
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What is POWER?

POWER is a 10hp power supply for Eurorack systems, has outputs of ±12VDC at 1A each, on/off switch, and indicator LED’s for each rail. The mounting depth is 40mm (1 9/16″). It uses a 12VAC wall adapter (included) to keep the transformer outside of the rack and avoid hum and magnetic coupling issues. Includes 13″ Doepfer-style 18AWG wire harness with quick-connect connectors.

This one is pretty strait forward: a power supply for your modular synthesizer rig. No sweet spots, no Easter eggs, it just makes juice.

POWER was designed with portable racks in mind – shallow depth, reduced weight, and keeping the main transformer outside of the case to eliminate related noise and heat – but it can be used to supply any compatible system.

What is POWER used for?

The standard AC wall adapter (if you purchase the POWER module with adapter) is rated for 1 Ampere (AKA 1 Amp, 1A, 1000mA), as is the POWER module itself. For best performance, you should never run POWER at its maximum rating. A 60% load (600mA) is the practical limit for best performance. If you need/want to run it up to 75% or 80%, a greater capacity adapter is needed to maintain performance. Adapters get hotter as more power is drawn from them, which increases the internal resistance and thusly reduces performance. A 1500mA rated adapter is recommended. The adapter plug must be a 2.1mm x 5.5mm x 9.5mm barrel-type plug.

Technical Specs

Module width 10hp
Module depth 40mm (1 9/16″)
Input voltage 12VAC
Maximum current output I(v+) = 1A (V-) = -1A
Output voltage ±12VDC


Nominal Output Voltage: 12VAC
Rated Output Current: 1000mA or greater


Type of plug: Barrel style
Inner Diameter: 2.1mm
Outer Diameter: 5.5mm
Length of barrel: 9.5mm

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