Sound of Shadows now available at Analogue Haven!

Sound of Shadows VC Digital Delay module now available at Analogue Haven!

Manuals for the IMP and a draft of the SoS online!

Manuals! The manual for the Infernal Noise Machine is finally available, and the preliminary draft manual for the Sound of Shadows module is up.

f(h) corrupts NAMM 2010!

NAMM UPDATE: the modules will be there, but flight is unable to attend after all. Many apologies!

f(h) is now available at Post Modular Limited! PB rev 3.3!

f(h) is very pleased to announce distribution in London through <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Post Modular Limited</a>.

Also, the Plague Bearer page has been updated </strong><a href=””>for Revision 3.3</a>.

Wear your love of weeping angels with the Plague Bearer shirts!

T-Shirts! Plague Bearer and Choices t-shirts now in stock. Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL.
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<td><a href=”” target=”_parent”><img src=”” alt=”Plague Bearer t-shirt” width=”250″ height=”400″ border=”1″ /></a></td>
<td><a href=”” target=”_parent”><img src=”” alt=”Choices t-shirt” width=”250″ height=”346″ border=”1″ /></a></td>

The box of the Damned – the Infernal Noise Machine, now available!

The Infernal Noise Machine is now available for order!

Choices Eurorack format modules, available through Schneiders Buero!

Choices Eurorack (CH-E) modules now available for order through Schneiders Buero!

Plague Bearer (Euro and Frac formats) now available at Analogue Haven!

12/11/2008 -flight of harmony and Analogue Haven are proud to bring you the purity of the unclean:

Plague Bearer

Plague Bearer single modules now available at Analogue Haven in euro and frac formats.

Choices – now available from Analogue Haven!

Choices joystick module now available for order through Analogue Haven.

Plague Bearer rev 3.1, now available!

4/2008 -Plague Bearer r.3.1 modules with VC gain now available through Schneiders Buero and Analogue Haven

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