INM-D preorders open!

The Desktop Infernal Noise Machine – INM-D is now available for preorder!

(prototype panel shown, final will be 0.090″ satin Metalphoto aluminum)

Pricing  (USD):

Blood Box road case: $2,066.00
-Material: Black Walnut (see note), stained, nickel-plated hardware.
-Dimensions: 20″W x 10″H x 7″D (closed)
-VESA 100×100 mounting holes in base.
-Weight: ~13lbs.

Minimal case: $1,816.00 (No hardware or stain, just four feet and a protective top coat.)
-Material: Black Walnut (see note)
-Dimensions: 20″W x 9″H x 4.5″D
-VESA 100×100 mounting holes in base.
-Weight: ~10lbs.

*Note: Case sides are solid black walnut. Top & bottom are Black walnut plywood for dimensional stability (so the box won’t split due to temperature or humidity fluctuation).

Both include a US AC adapter (12VAC 1500mA, 5.5mm x 2.1mm). For international orders, deduct $20 from the price and I will locate a compatible adapter in or near your country that you can order, if needed. Blood Box also includes the related tiedowns, anti-vibration pad, and leather strap.

Free Options :

Jacks (choose one): 1/4″, 3.5mm, banana. For banana, let me know your preferred color scheme.  A ground jack will also be added in the top right of the panel.

Minimal case:

For the finish coat, choose either a gloss polyurethane or a satin-ish wax. The poly really brings out the grain and color and protects the wood very well, while the wax gives a soft and warm tone to the wood and is (in my opinion) much more pleasant to the touch.


Storage pouches:

  1. 8″W x 4″H: $55
  2. 13.5″W x 3.25″H: $60
  3. 8″W x 7″H: $65
  4. 5.5″W x 3.25″H: $50

Basic combinations: 1 A and 1B, 1 C and 1 D, 1 A and 2 D. (A&B shown)

Tie down points (Footman loops): $5 each, let me know how you’d like them arranged.

Custom pouches and straps available, just ask!

Send me an email with the details, requests, and any questions, for your order at flight (at) flightofharmony (dot) com.
Payment will be via Paypal.

Other words:

This is limited to a maximum of 35 units. These are something I have always wanted to do, so I’m going to do them, but I probably will not do something this big again any time soon. I have a number of smaller modules I want to do next.

These will all be hand-made and assembled by just me, flight, with my usual OCD attentiveness.

Production will take 6-8 months.  During this time I will post regular updates – monthly,  at first, bi-weekly as things progress – but you are free to inquire and mildly harass me any time you may feel the need.

More images and videos will be appearing in the coming month in several places:

f(h) twitter: @flightofharmony
f(h) YouTube: flightofharmony
f(h) Instagram: flightofharmony
Modwiggler forums: Flight of Harmony

Eventually, I’ll even get the page up on this website too…


November Fever Dream Theme Choices

They are:

  • Trip to the dentist gone wrong.
  • Where am I?
  • Ecstasy on the hamster wheel.

flight of harmony newsletter October 25, 2020

Hello again!

The Infernal Noise Machine Kickstarter has finally ended. The goal was not met, but there were enough backers willing to change their pledges to orders so we can go ahead and make them anyway. We had hoped to get enough backers to have some production model units built for stock, but that’s OK. The Limited Edition units were the main focus. Kickstarter was an interesting experience and we’ll probably use it again in the future with the same intent of building the module regardless. It’s a good platform and could be a lot of fun if done the right way. Thanks again to everyone for joining in!

There was enough time during the campaign to get the final details worked out on the eurorack INM and we are now starting the Limited Edition production run. There are only 13 of the LE units left and this is the only time they will be built, so grab one while you can! The INM-Exp expander module is being built as well. More information on both available on the Kickstarter page.  (I’ll get the pages up on the website as soon as I can.)

Pre-order pricing:

INM-E:             $777.00 + shipping

INM-Exp:         $80.00 + shipping


After production, prices go to MSRP:

INM-E:             $949.00 + shipping

INM-Exp:         $125.00 + shipping


Desktop & 5U Infernal Noise Machine

Development of the Desktop and 5U Infernal Noise Machine resumes after INM-E production ends. You can follow updates and discussions of the INM-D in the thread at Muff’s.


Best wishes to everyone, take care!



Desktop INM status

We’ve received a few inquiries about the desktop INM:

The original desktop Infernal Noise Machine is discontinued, but a new one based on the upgraded and expanded INM-E module is in the works. A 5U version is also planned.

We’re busy with the INM-E Kickstarter right now, but work on the desktop and 5U variants will resume afterward. Announcements will be posted here, twitter, and in the f(h) forum on Muffwiggler when there is news.

INM-E Kickstarter!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Regardless, we are back and trying something new: a Kickstarter campaign to fund production of the INM-E module. Please join in and help spread the word!

We’re pleased to announce that the Plague Bearer is once again available in kit form through Modular Addict and Thonk.

Ready your soldering iron and bar the workroom door – for the Plague Bearer kit screams once more.

NAMM 2016 – Hall B, Booth 5000

flight of harmony will have a presence at the 2016 NAMM show. We’ll be stationed at Booth 5000 in Hall B, graciously hosted by WMD.

Discontinued offerings

In an effort to focus our efforts and sharpen our claws, we’ve discontinued the Barebones Pack offerings across the entire product line. We’ve made the documentation for our Barebones Packs available on our page of Discontinued Products. We’ve also discontinued our POWER and V’amp modules and moved them from the Product Lines listing to the Discontinued Products as well.

If you’re interested in either the POWER or V’Amp modules, we’d encourage you to seek them out via any of our Dealers.

We thank you for your continued interest and we’re very excited to show you what new offerings we’ll be bringing to the sacrificial altar.

Trash_Audio: Synth Meet 14. Portland, OR. May 24th.

Flight of Harmony will be making a presence in the physical world by showcasing our wares during the Trash_Audio: Synth Meet 14 in Portland, Oregon on May 24th.

More information is available at the Trash_Audio event page (including ticketing information).

NAMM 2014 – Hall E, Booth 1076

flight of harmony will have a presence at the 2014 NAMM show. We’ll be stationed at Booth 1076 in Hall E, graciously hosted by WMD. Click here to be taken to the booth location on the NAMM 2014 map.

We have such sights to show you.

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