Fever Dream – December 2021

“Fever Dream” is the new name for the theme-based song contest, and we’re having another one! With how hectic everything is right now, you have two weeks to make your submission.


  • No prizes other than having fun and learning how to wreak havoc.


  • Anyone who makes an entry that follows the stated rules is included (we reserve the right to exclude anything that may give us any legal or financial problems, of course, and solely by our discretion).



  • Participants will have 2 weeks to compose a noise/experimental piece based on the given theme.
  • Contest begins Friday, December 3rd 2021, ends Friday, December 17th, at 11:59PM
  • The compilation video(s) will go up that weekend, depending on how long it takes to compile.


  • Choose one of the following (per submission, multiple submission welcome)
    • Alien birth sequence.
    • Quiet please.
    • It was a good idea at the time.

Usage of theme:

  • The theme must either appear in your piece at some point (it is up to the listener to recognize it, but your job to make it recognizable somehow) or form the structure of the entire piece.
    • Your interpretation of the theme is what matters here.


  • There are two  categories this time, so anyone can join in. Choose one of the following two:
    • INM as primary sound source.
      • Extra cred for INM + EXP only.
      • Those without an INM may use an IMP for extra-infernal divinity points.
    • Your choice of primary sound source, regardless of brand (If you do not have an INM or IMP).
      • Must be an analog modular sound source
        • A guitar or other electric instrument (i.e., with a pickup or transducer) is close enough.
  • Max. 2 external modulation sources.
    • Except for the case of IMP-only; use as many as you can patch in.
  • Max. 4 discrete patches, live patching is unlimited.
    • A patch is a completed routing setup. Stopping recording to change your routing counts as one patch.
    • Live patching is changing routing while recording.
  • 1-2 effects (stereo does not count as an effect).
    • For this  contest, an effect  is something external that you send your audio through to change how it sounds. Internal filters (such as those in the INM) do not count.
    • You can use as many Plague Bearers as you can access.
  • No sampling or post processing
  • Minimum length of 3 minutes.


  • I will need access to the files to post on the f(h) YouTube channel. Audio-only is fine, but please include it in a video wrapper (MP4, MKV, whatever). Mono audio is fine, but please save it as stereo to avoid one-speaker output. Keep levels at or below 0dB please.
  • It does not have to be professional quality, just try to get the best audio recording you can with whatever means you have – even a cell phone, just be careful with your placement and levels.
  • All patches must be documented and explained. Please list all modules used and their purpose. Brief explanations are fine, just let us know what to what and why for each connection.


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