Flight of harmony newsletter – August 2010

Greetings to all once again!

We’ve been pretty busy lately; mostly with re-structuring the business and a lot of work on the website, but also with two new eurorack modules: V’Amp and POWER.

The V’Amp (8 h.p., US$125.00) is a combination voltage-controlled amplifier (VCA) and ring modulator in one device, with the ability to smoothly change from VCA, to ring mod, then to inverting VCA, with one knob.
V’Amp page: http://m5m.830.myftpupload.com/product-lines/vamp/
V’Amp Barebones Pack (VBP): US$70.00. PCB dimensions: 78mm x 39mm/3” x 1.5”

POWER (US$85.00) is a ±12V 1A power supply in a 10hp eurorack format, is 40mm deep, and is intended mainly for shallow or portable systems, but works just fine for permanent setups.  The POWER module includes a 12VAC output wall adapter – keeping the transformer outside of the case helps to keep down hum and magnetically coupled noise – but can be purchased without the adapter for US$75.00. A ±15V 1A option will also be available upon request.

POWER Barebones Pack (PWBP): US$55.00, US$45.00 without adapter The POWER Barebones Pack was designed for easy installation into any project: the AC input, power switch, and LEDs can all be remotely located, and all components and headers are on one side. PCB dimensions: 104mm x 89mm/4.10” x 1.93”
POWER page: http://m5m.830.myftpupload.com/product-lines/power/
POWER images: http://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=19710&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

And it is also fundraising time: Now accepting orders for pre-release V’Amp and POWER modules. The delivery time is 1-3 weeks. In this case, “pre-release” means I just haven’t had time to work on the manuals or packaging yet. Manuals will be available for download from the respective product page once they are completed.

As for the website, Sonja has been doing a lot of work making it more useful and we now have PayPal buttons for in-stock products. There are more changes to come – as soon as we find a good back-end structure that works well – including forums, embedded Soundcloud clips, and other goodies.

We are now accepting orders directly, both U.S.A. and International.

Oh yeah: Stickers. You keep asking for ‘em, so we’re looking into getting some made. If you have an idea for an f(h) sticker that just HAS to be done, let us know!


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