The “Dealers don’t wanna restock and I don’t wanna find a job yet 20% off everything sale” MAGIC WORDS.

As the catchy title implies, I’m broke and need money. This means I need to get a job. I don’t want to just yet because I’d like to at least get the Facehugger control module out to beta testers before I put everything on hold for a bit, which means desperate sale time, yay! Also, it’s Summer, which means that, even though they’re largely sold out of most f(h) modules, it’s the slow time for Synthland, and dealers don’t like to restock until Fall, so this is a great chance to get some unavailable gear for a great price! Now, onwards, to the rules!

What’s covered?

Everything – which means all currently-active product lines, both modules and kits. Which means:

  • Facehugger – Function Generator, arpeggiator, etc. Preorder item, see note below.
  • Famine (1500 & 500) – Voltage-controlled power starvation module.
  • IMP – Noise source.
  • Desktop Infernal Noise Machine – Road-worthy version of the Infernal Noise Machine, see note below.
  • Parasite Antifilter – Hellacious distortion, fuzz, drone generator, ambience generator, drum tone source, I mean holy hell this things is fun and surprising.
  • Plague Bearer – Voltage-controlled Bandpass filter, distortion, the classic.
  • Sinner – Sine shaper and signal processor.
  • Sound of Shadows – Voltage controlled, chainable digital delay.
  • 1-6-13 – Protected eurorack power distribution board
  • 5×5 – Passthrough +5V power source, plug into any open spot on your power board and not lose the spot.

This is below, and this is the note therein:

This even includes the last of the desktop Infernal Noise Machine Blood Boxes/Minimal Cases and even the Facehugger preorder, but please note the longer lead times involved on those items.

20% off means what?

It means 20% of the listed MSRP for each item.

20% off
Facehugger module  $295.00  $236.00
Facehugger module kit  $220.00  $176.00
Famine 500 module  $177.00  $141.60
Famine 500 kit  $137.00  $109.60
Famine 1500 module  $177.00  $141.60
Famine 1500 kit  $137.00  $109.60
IMP module  $219.00  $175.20
IMP kit  $166.00  $132.80
INM Blood Box  $2,066.00  $1,652.80
INM Minimal Case  $1,816.00  $1,452.80
Parasite Antifilter module  $239.00  $191.20
Parasite Antifilter kit  $189.00  $151.20
Plague Bearer module  $119.00  $95.20
Plague Bearer kit  $81.00  $64.80
Sinner module  $124.00  $99.20
Sinner kit  $84.00  $67.20
Sound of Shadows module  $149.00  $119.20
Sound of Shadows kit  $109.00  $87.20
1-6-13  $20.00  $16.00
5×5  $ 10.00  $ 8.00

When does the sale begin and end?

It begins when I post this on Friday, July 21st, 2023, and ends after that. Let’s say on Tuesday, July 25th, because that sounds like a sufficiently arbitrary day.

What is not included?

Shipping is not included. I still have to charge for that since they still insist on charging me.

What about availability?

To start, the only ready-to-go items are a few Famine 500, everything else is built when ordered. All long-lead items (panels, pots, jacks) are on-hand, and most other parts are on-hand or can be within one week.

When will my order ship?

When it is ready.

I always wanted to say that. It’s true, but to clarify: that depends on how many orders I get. Most will ship in the default 2-4 weeks, and I’ll let you know of any changes.

How do I order?

Send me your info via the contact page, check the boxes you want, include your preferred PayPal email address, your zip code or country (to calculate shipping), and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice.

What kind of shipping?

This is for all locations, domestic and international:

Shipping always defaults to US Postal Priority shipping. It’s a bit more expensive than First Class/Parcel Post, but it’s faster, has tracking, and is a generally a bit more reliable in today’s shipping hellscape.

First Class/Parcel Post/Snail Mail is still available, but only if you ask for it.

What about…?

Dunno, I’m not you so I didn’t think of that. Send me a question via the contact page and I’ll get back to you.

Best regards, hugs and kisses,



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