Wadda hell?

FYI: I’ve been out of the office all weekend and most of today and am currently working on replying to all recent emails.

Choices Desktop prototypes

I’ve been planning to offer a Desktop variant of the Choices module for quite some time now, but other projects took priority. However, a customer got tired of waiting for me and ordered a custom unit (this is what happened with the Infernal Noise Machine as well). When I make prototype units I always order extra PCBs – just in case of random carnage and they’re cheaper that way – so why not see if anyone else is interested?

I haven’t finished the custom order yet, and his enclosure is a one-off model, but here are the drawings for the enclosure style that will be used for the rest: (click on image for larger version)

Choices Desktop controller

Choices Desktop controller

In addition to the standard features of the Choices eurorack module, the CH-D prototype has the following:

  • 1/4″ Switchraft jacks instead of 3.5mm jacks
  • All electro-mechanical components are long-life versions (100,000 rotation pots, 50,000 or higher cycle switches and jacks)
  • X-Y and X+Y outputs
  • Greatly enlarged control layout for easy, comfortable use
  • Internal power supply with wall adapter

The Trigger and Gate outputs are set for 0V-+8V on the custom unit to accommodate most 5U systems and Moog keyboards, but I can set them to output anything between -11.5V and +11.5V.
Knobs are the same as those used on the INM.
The enclosures are heavy-gauge aluminum housings from Hammond.

They are $250.00 each with the features listed. Lead time is currently 2-4 weeks. I have enough parts for three of these for now.
I have no problem with further customizations, but they will affect he price and lead time. As these are prototypes. the graphics will be overlays or something similar, but I’ll do my best to see that they are sufficiently durable. It is also likely that final graphics may be different than shown in the above image – nothing major, but I may tweak them a tad here and there.

A little bit later, I received another custom order, but for a dual version, which sounded like a lot of fun. And so there is also the CH-2D now.

Same situation as with the CH-D: Why build just one when I could build five? So there are four of these available for order: (click on image for larger version)

Dual Choices Desktop controller

Dual Choices Desktop controller

Since there were two joysticks, that meant even more output combinations – far too many – thus the function rotary switch, leading to one jack in the rear.

This one is designed for use with Serge systems (±5V Trigger and Gate, audio output limiting to ±7.5V max) but, again, customizations are welcome. Same stipulations as with the CH-D.

These start at $350, with a 4-6 week leadtime.

Orders are being accepted now. If you are interested, either email me at the flight@ address, or place the order via PayPal with the paypal@ email address – the other part being flightofharmony.com.

I would also love to hear any suggestions or ideas that any of you may have for these. This was a custom design, so it may lack things that you feel are important. Let me know what you think!


More products in stock.

We’re back in action at last! Had a lot of fun going to the Square Waves Festival in Vancouver B.C. this weekend; it was nice to finally meet so many of you that I had only known online previously.

We also have most items back in stock – pretty much everything except for Choices modules (which will be back in a week or two, however) – including the Infernal Noise Machine that was shown at the Square Waves festival. This I.N.M. is the first of the next run, of which more will be available in the coming month – both from us and several dealers worldwide.

Many thanks to our customers who were at Square Waves – your support and appreciation makes a huge difference to us!



Sorry everyone, but it looks like I have to take some time off this week due to an ear infection. I’ll be back to work as soon as possible.

1/4″ jacks are in.

1/4″ jacks are back in stock for those buying Barebones Packs for 5U and other 1/4″ systems.

Got some really nice ones this time around: Switchcraft 112A mono NC-switched Hi-D enclosed jacks, but with all metal components gold-plated (not including panel nut or washer though).

Other than that, we’re just busy as hell filling dealer and individual orders, hence all the silence. But please, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!


Back again!


Sorry (once again) for the long silence, but we’ve been busy with a lot of dealer orders. The bulk of them have been finished and shipped, so you should see f(h) modules showing up on their shelves very soon, including the new POWER and V’Amp modules.

Other good news: Joysticks are finally back in stock, so the Choices module is once again available and is also on its way to dealers.

There have also been quite a few changes to this website, including a shopping cart so you can order direct from us. We’re still trying to figure out how to best use the cart, so there will be some changes made from time to time, but it works quite well. If you are interested in something that is out of stock, just let us know! We can always put an item together for you.

Okay, back to the bench. Thanks for supporting us!

A dream…

I had a wonderful dream.

It was in a medieval setting and I was engaged in battle. I threw my sword down after beheading my opponent, irritated with the repetitive, cyclic slaughter, and went to join my friends who were lounging by a dried-up stream bed. We all wore pure white robes over our black and bloodied leathers and armor. Sitting down, I looked across to the other bank and saw my sister kneeling by the empty river with an empty silver and gold chalice in her hand. As she looked at me, I saw she had gone utterly insane. She laughed, asking if it was time yet; If the time had finally come when we could cheat eternity and rise beyond. She raised a handful of snow from the bank and dropped it in the chalice (for the wine was all gone), then brought the chalice to her laughing lips to drink from it. She drank deeply, then lowered the cup again. Blood was running down her chin and her mouth was ringed in crimson as she screamed laughter, and the snow in the chalice was swiftly devoured in a rising pool of blood.

Then I thought and asked aloud: “But what about our clothes? Once we go beyond eternity, how will we get out the wine stains?” I looked to my left shoulder and saw purple stains on my white robe, then thought, “We should have thought of this sooner. There’s always one more fucking thing, isn’t there?” Then I woke up.

Web Update

Unfortunately there were some issues with the web update which will have to be resolved at a later time. For now though the website is back up and running as usual.

Back online

Look at me – I’m back online! What a freaking miracle.
It seems like everything exploded at the same time, but it all seems to finally be working again. The computer crash was relatively simple (a bad sector in the hard drive, right where the registry is stored), so that didn’t take too long, but then my email hosting service (GoDaddy) went screwy. It took a week to figure out how to fix it. During which, all of the email stored on my server was deleted, so let me know if you don’t hear a response in the next day or two.

This is me screaming.

Whee! My computer just completely borked itself the other day somehow, so I’m currently running on very limited internet access. Hope to have that taken care of in a day or two.

But Good News! The latest V’Amp prototype passed testing today. Production is underway, expect them to be available in 3-4 weeks.

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