‘Recognizer’ by Bennett Williams

We just received an email from a Flight of Harmony user named Bennett Williams alerting us to their album ‘Recognizer‘, which gratitously features the Infernal Noise Machine. For a link to their Soundcloud page featuring the album, click here. If you wonder ‘how in Hades did they get such wonderful drones, such strange percussion and create the sound of a thousand angry hornets’ – here is their creative process:

The [Infernal Noise Machine] had all of its CV inputs coming from both a Moog MP-201 CV pedal, and a Moog Etherwave Theremin Plus. Then I ran the audio through a Boomerang looper. Essentially what you are hearing are loops of the Infernal Noise Machine on top of itself many times over, all as I am changing parameters and creating new loops as I go.

We love to hear about how our customers are using (and abusing) our gear and what they create with it.

Thank you, Bennett.

Recognizer by Bennett Williams

Choices and JAG – a match ordained by Zuul

What could be better than combining the widest-throw joystick controller in the Eurorack modular format with the myriad of outputs available from Grant Richter’s ‘Joystick Axis Generator‘, made available by Malekko Heavy Industry?

Nothing, Ray.

Also, Flight of Harmony thanks YouTube user ‘deadlover73’ for the wonderful video demonstrating exactly why the pair makes such a compelling team.

New arrivals at the FoH store! PBr4, 5×5 and 1x6x13!

Fifty of the’Plague Bearer r4, 5×5 +5VDC Power Adapter and the 1x6x13 Distribution Board have been added to the FoH store. Order now so you don’t feel left behind when the neighbors are making stranger noises than you.


Sorry all for the long silence, lots o’ stuff has been going on.

Anyhoo, good news: Shipments of assembled PB-1Er4, 1-6-13, and 5×5 are arriving at last!

I’m working on getting everything packed up to send out to distributors. I’ll let y’all know when they’ve all gone out.

Wadda hell?

FYI: I’ve been out of the office all weekend and most of today and am currently working on replying to all recent emails.

Tacoma Noise Rodeo

From the Facebook page:

“Tacoma Noise Rodeo exists because there is no outlet for in Tacoma for who make music that tends towards the drone and noise. The idea behind the noise rodeo is to locate this venue. Esoteric electronic music has always had a hard time finding a place and a time.

That place is Caffe Dei. The time is Saturday Sept 17th 8pm.
The price? Free.”

This sounds like it could be rather interesting; barring massive trauma, I plan to attend. I love glitch and drone.
It’s an open invite, so please come on down and help support a growing scene!

Status report:

This week I’ve been really busy finishing up the little details for the PB-1Er4, 5×5, and 1-6-13 production run, so I haven’t been able to reply to emails as quickly as I’d like. But I promise that will get to them as soon as I get a chance.

Great new Plague Bearer video

An excellent demo by , I’ve always loved making “fuzzy” whalesong with the PB:

Retreating into the cavern – returning soon!

I’m taking a break! There are a lot of new things coming up from us this year so we’re taking a break from public activity. We are not accepting any more orders and the web store is deactivated, but repairs and warranty issues are always a top priority here and will be handled swiftly. Feel free to email me with any questions – I am still answering emails, it may just take me a couple days to get to non-emergency correspondence.

Don’t worry, we’ll be back!

New dealer: Foxtone Music

f(h) is very pleased to announce our new dealer in Minneapolis: Foxtone Music. If you’re in the area, go check them out! They are great guys and are setting up an excellent demonstration system for the public to play with.

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